Writing a Poker Newsletter RSSS


Every successful online business distributes a newsletter to their customer base on a weekly or monthly basis.

You have already identified them as your target audience, so supplying them with poker room updates, promotional offers, establishing yourself as an authority, or just as a reminder, a newsletter is an excellent marketing tool.

Provide Incentives

Capturing visitor emails is one of the keys to a successful online poker affiliate marketing. Once you have a list of current and potential customers, you can target them with information and special promotions to persuade them to sign up for a rakeback deal.

One way to encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter is to provide them with an incentive to sign up. Some rake back sites offer poker strategy articles or e-books as an incentive to subscribe for their newsletter list.

As a new poker affiliate, you want to find ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Think of something exceptional that you can offer customers, and you should see a steep increase in newsletter sign ups immediately.

Establish Yourself as the Authority

Ideally you want your customers to see you as an authority on the poker industry. The more credibility you have in the eyes of your customers, the more likely they will be to trust your opinions and follow your advice.

Nearly half of the your business as an affiliate will come through referrals, so providing excellent customer service should be your first goal. If you sign up a customer, you want them to refer their poker buddies to your rakeback website.

Keep in Touch

Some of the visitors to your site will look around for a few minutes and then go on there way. Take advantage of your email list, and send out frequent updates to pique the interest of potential customers that are on the fence about signing up for rakeback at your site.