Recent online poker results


It has been a while since my last entry, and a few pretty good months recently. My bankroll is now over $500 mostly at pokerstars.

Probably against my better judgement, I moved $100 from stars to Full Tilt with the intention of playing the $2 180 man SNGs there. That didn’t go well, and I was fast eating through my allocation. I also threw in a few low stakes MTTs to no avail.

I am not entirely sure why, but I just do not like the tourneys there, so I gave Full Tilt Poker a rest and tried the other sites for a bit.

I have however found something at FT I am quite good at, and that is rush Omaha. I have very nearly made back my losses there, and am earning 50 points a day so maybe I will get to see what ironman is all about soon.

Unfortunately, I do not seem to be running too well on Pokerstars either, apart from my elite at bat where I returned a (very) small profit. I did however, do just enough to clear the stellar reward of $50 by playing 8-game cash tables.

As they recently lowered the requirements for each VIP levels and added one level, it is now easier to get points and so for the same amount of work, the bonuses are larger and more frequent. This is a nice change that will help me build up my bankroll.

Betfair, on the other hand, has been my saviour. It was not that long ago I was bemoaning their crappy software and wanting to get the hell out of there, well, all is forgiven. I’ve been playing ring games and MTT’s there regularly, and also playing a lot of PLO and running good.

Unfortunately I cannot track my ring game results there, but here’s a selection of my MTT cashes since 30 aug:

$1 turbo NLHE s/h – 3/956 = $82
$2 turbo PLO – 2/87 = $32
$5 NLHE – 2/354 = $257
$11+ sunday rehab NLHE – 27/866 = $146
$2 turbo PLO s/h – 1/146 = $70
$2+ PLO – 2/205 = $212

So, I am very happy with all that. Sharkscope has a little sharkie by my profile, and I managed to finish in the top 500 on the betfair MTT leaderboard for the month (about 350th in the end I think).

This morning, I cashed out £50 from betfair and redeposited it on Party Poker with a bonus code for a free copy of pokertracker 3. I have to earn 200 party points to earn this, so I will be playing a lot on Party the next month.

I also get a 100% bonus on my deposit amount. Once I have pokertracker I will be spending a bit of time analyzing my better MTT results, setting up the HUD and learning to get the best out of it. I may even buy (or deposit at another site to get) the Omaha module for it. Overall, I am happy with my progress. I’ll be concentrating on PLO ring games, and NLHE and PLO mtt’s on Betfair.