Poker Stereo types by Country


There are many stereotypes in the poker world that are linked to nationality. Nationality is the characteristic that online poker players stereotype by because there is little else you can learn about another player.

Assume that most of these stereotypes are in fact stereotypes – over-generalizations unless I note otherwise. No hate mail please.

• Spain: Shortstackers and ratholers. This is fairly true and is related to poker strategy websites in Spanish teaching short stack poker.
• France and Italy: Fishy, passive players.
• Nordic Countries: Hyper aggressive poker players, but frequently good.
• China: Tight, short stacking players. Associated with collusion rings.
• Turkey: Very aggressive, complete novice gamblers.
• Russia and Eastern Europe: Mix of tight short stacking players and mega fish.

I’m sure everyone has their own ideas about players from different countries, but these are some of the major ones. This knowledge can be applied to your poker game. I would only use these stereotypes to make a choice if the decision was very close, and I would use the country as a tiebreaker.

As a very general rule, players from first world countries are likely to be better than those who are not. Argentina and Thailand are popular places for European and North American poker pros to move to, so don’t be fooled by those countries.

The above characterization is of course very general, but the USA remains the country of poker where the best players are to be said. But as I said many are now moving abroad in particular after online poker got banned in America.

Macao is a favorite destination for top pros where they can play huge Chinese whales with plenty of cash to burn. Another favorite destination is the Philippines where life is very cheap and many a tourist are happy to gamble at one of the numerous local casinos.